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Structured File and Template Management

Ensure Discipline in Naming , Saving and Organizing Files and Folders


Document Taxonomy for Standardization

Ensure consistency in naming files and folders and a uniform folder structure

Helpful in planning a classification scheme for organizing documents and knowledge base to ensure standardization in document profiling and record creation.


Compelling Mechanism for One Place Storing

Lock word and excel for not allowing to save documents in any folder


Identified users can be compelled to save documents into the system only by providing an automated profiling resulting storing at a secured centralized repository


Automates Naming of Folders and Files

Provides automated / semi automated profiling of documents and templates

Makes profiling compulsory through an automated system based on taxonomy items. There is no File Save As dialog box and system take care of naming and storing documents


Unique Identity of Documents & Templates

Automatically assign a unique number and facilitates to retrieve by number

UDI ( Unique Document Identity ) is the easiest and quickest way to retrieve a  document. This  ID is being used in naming files and hence remembering an  ID is very easy.

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Taxonomy for Document Profiling / Classification

Helps in planning a classification scheme for organizing documents and knowledge base. Ensures standardization in document profiling and record creation. Users can be restricted to add and edit taxonomy items to ensure uniformity of taxonomy items that results in organization wide standardization for document profiling.

Import and Export of Document Taxonomies

Facilitates to import taxonomy items compiled in an excel sheet with inter-relationships, if any. Enables export of taxonomies used in one department or office for sharing across the organization that ensure organization wide consistency in document organizing practices

Lock down Word and Excel for Centralized Storage

Automates naming and saving files at the stage of creation itself to ensure centralized storage. Till now , your efforts for centralized storage fails as users keep on saving documents at their own will. The scattered documents also increases re-creation and duplication that make difficult back up and security issues prevails.

Automated Profiling of Documents

Each document is being profiled so that retrieval becomes easier based on any property. Automatically copy properties of existing document and property window comes with pre-filled values while creating new documents from copy of existing one

Template and Knowledge Document Management

Structured File Management ease the development of the practice of identifying best practice documents for future re-use and ensure less duplication of work. Provides one click mechanism to capture best practice documents with relevant properties and store them automatically into template repositories.

Unique Document Numbering System

Automatically assigns a unique number to every document. This UDI is also used in naming files with a facility to print in the header or footer etc.. UDI helps in quick retrieval and easy referencing while communicating internally or externally.

Unique Template Numbering System

Assign a unique identity to every template and model document. This is very helpful as an important reference point to instruct / choose the right template for creating a new document. and ensures consistency in naming files and folders across the organization

Archive of selected Outlook Emails

Plug-in for Microsoft outlook enables to archive emails having importance as organizational record and store these emails with other documents. Thus documents including emails of a particular contact or a particular project are available at one place.

Outlook email templates with/without attachments

Outlook plug-in provides the facility to build email template repository with or without attachments that is helpful in drafting and replying emails quickly . This saves time in attaching documents every time and bring in consistency in email communication.

Documents Life Cycle Management

Segregates documents based on usage and age and ease retrieval. Facilitates to have various document repositories like Working Documents, Archive Documents and Historical documents. Simplifies creation of new documents as copy of a document from any of the repositories.

Precedent Documents Management

Provides bulk import mechanism of existing documents . You  just need to map your folder hierarchy with the properties of documents and then documents are imported in bulk and stored in a separate repository called as Imported Documents so that you can fine-tune their properties through a bulk property editing system

Replica of repository in a Windows Folders Hierarchy

Enables to create a replica of documents repository in a windows folder hierarchy with the choice of one or two way sync. One time setting is required to decide hierarchy of folders and naming pattern of files. Most importantly this gives peace of mind as availability of documents in folder structure as an alternative back up.


Laptop Sync to ensure Centralized Storing

An additional utility application that needs to be installed in a laptop and then provides facility to sync documents with the core application. One can take and deposit back documents from time to time. Locking down word and excel also works with laptop and ensure that new documents created in a laptop are being automatically deposited when one connects with the office network. .

Security of Documents & Knowledgebase

The compelling mechanism of saving documents in a centralized and secured area ensures document security automatically. Otherwise organizations implement security policies through windows folders and files permission but users keep on saving documents at their own will and hence security practices are not followed perfectly.

Back up of Documents & Knowledge Base

Provides a real time and incremental back up of data and documents through a windows service . Another utility of creating replica of documents in folder hierarchy  serves the purpose of additional back up and gives peace of mind and nullify the dependency on our application, if you want to discontinue to use our solution at any time.

Access Rights for Documents and Templates

Access rights for users and group of users to enable view , add and modify data and documents. Also provides access rights mechanism to deal with taxonomy items , locking down Word and Excel and for templates. management too.

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Benefits that gives Quickest Return on Investment

Take Control of Organizational Documents

Create organizational record automatically which is useful in dealing with various contacts and regulatory compliance

Quick and Quality Documents Production

Easy access of prior work documents and templates results in speedy documents generation with consistency.

Boost productivity with Microsoft Office

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office results better usage of Office features with added powerful organizing functionality.

Reduce Duplication of Work

Enables sharing of best practices and hence expertise and prior work documents of colleagues are easily accessible by all.

Improved Customer Response Time

Instant access to centralized documents enables to refer customer documents and respond their queries instantly

Helps New Entrants To Learn Faster

Knowledge management helps introducing best practices to new employees and enables easy access to prior knowledge

No More Loss of Information Lying in Emails

Facilitates to pull out transaction emails from Microsoft Outlook to store with customer documents and communication history

No adverse effect because of departing employees

Capturing knowledge in a system means that it doesn’t walk out of the door if an individual leaves the organization

Maximizes the usage of past experience

Facility of  unique template ID and publishing list of templates increase the practice of sharing of knowledge and best practices

Helps to have Less Paper Office

Enables easy flow of soft copy documents across the organization and ease to develop the culture of less print out



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